The Scarlet Omen



Welcome to the official website of The Scarlet Omen, a young adult trilogy of Magic, Adventure and most importantly, Love.

Can you imagine a land where sky scrapers pepper the coral pink horizon, while ghosts and goblins lurk in their dark alleyways, tolerated by most people and even revered by some?

Would you like to know about the power of myth and prophecy and their ability to change the course of a teenager's destiny?

Want to know more about Anjeli and her adventures in an East-meets-West world where Good has yet again to prove itself against Evil?

If you're falling out of your seat with a "yes" hovering between your lips, then your cyber journey has brought you to the right place! 

This site is here to give you a preview of the excitement and magic that awaits you between the pages of The Scarlet Omen. So feel free to browse and explore my little world and if it fascinates you as much as I hope, then don't forget to tell your friends about Thanks and Enjoy!

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“This book has every element of fantasy and surprise you could ever ask for or want. Each character just comes to life while reading this book.”—Tammy Hall, Book Blogger

"The Scarlet Omen transports readers on a fantastic journey to Malaysia and beyond. Cinthia Koeksal cleverly weaves ancient myth into a thoroughly modern teen's life to create an engrossing supernatural saga.”—Peggy Tibbets, Author

“Her style is vividly descriptive, bringing the characters to life, it made me want to visit Malaysia, and Lembah Kenyalang and see the beauty for myself.”-- Gwen Bourgeois, Paranormal Romance Guild 



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