The Scarlet Omen

 A Maiden’s Legacy: Destiny comes calling…again.



“Bad memories haunt you and good memories taunt you.”—The Scarlet Omen, Second Edition, 2017


The second book in The Scarlet Omen trilogy, A Maiden’s Legacy charts Anjeli Xavier’s return home after saving the Valley of the Hornbills from three centuries of torture under the vampire reign. In this young adult fantasy novel by newcomer Cinthia Koeksal, the seventeen year-old Anjeli tries to live a normal teenage life but fails miserably as all she can think about are her glory days back in that parallel world of dragons and fairies.

Just as she thinks she is about to go mad from restlessness, she discovers an ancient journal that will shed new light on the prophecy that she was supposed to have already fulfilled in the valley. Anjeli sets out on yet another adventure to Eagle Bay, a place on the other side of Hornbill Mountain. She is entrusted with uniting the Guardians of the Seven Maidens, artifacts that promise to close the gateways between the worlds forever.

What she does not know is that Wan Terakhir, the son of the dead vampire queen, will do whatever it takes to stop her. With the help of his assembled army of pirates, demons, djinns and fallen angels, the sorcerer crosses the gateway to Eagle Bay…and waits for his chance at revenge.

Will Anjeli be able to fulfill her destiny or is black magic something no one can stand up against? SENA Publication presents A Maiden’s Legacy by Cinthia Koeksal...

First eidtion nominated for Best YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance 2015

Book cover copyright of SENA publications 2016