The Scarlet Omen

Photos © Bora Koeksal 2011


The Scarlet Omen takes place in Malaysia, a country steeped in legend and beauty. Malaysia is situated in South East Asia, between Singapore and Thailand. It is divided into two parts: West Malaysia (The Peninsular) and East Malaysia (part of Borneo). The three main races are Malay, Chinese and Indian. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity are the most practised religions. 

As a result of this wonderful mixture of cultures, Malaysia has one of the best cuisines in the world. I have friends in Germany who would brave the 12 hour flight just to go and smell the tentalising aromas of fried garlic and freshly ground curry powder.

I grew up simply adoring the magic that surrounds Malaysia's beaches and jungles. This weakness of mine for the beauty of Malaysia's landscape plays out in Anjeli's story.

Anjeli's journey begins in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, home to the Petronas Twin Towers. Anjeli then continues on to Kuching, a beautiful riverside town which is the capital of Sarawak and is situated in East Malaysia. Its landscape and myriad of Borneon cultures and races are truly fascinating.

Well, it's been fun, but I just realised that I'm not a travel writer and am most probably doing an aweful job of introducing the cultural wonder that is my country to you. So I'd like to refer you to our tourism board if you're interested in learning more about Anjeli's world. Enjoy!


© Cinthia Koeksal 2012