The Scarlet Omen


The Seventh Daughter: A race against time…toward the final battle.

In the face of danger, is the heart or the mind a more reliable advisor? Is fate just another set of rules masked as free will? Or do we hold our destinies in our own hands? Anjeli is about to find out.

In the final book of The Scarlet Omen Trilogy, Anjeli learns, more than ever before, that to be brave, she must, first, be afraid, but choose to act anyway, regardless of personal sacrifice.

Anjeli, with her eccentric sister in tow, goes in search of the Maiden, who was banished three centuries before, and whom Anjeli must now return to Masa, a parallel world linked to ours by portals scattered around the globe. These gateways have been misused for centuries and it is high-time someone ended the reign of dark magic. Only when the Maiden returns to her motherland and the five Wardens are reunited can the prophecy come to pass and the portals be sealed shut.

Aided by a group of young sorcerers and witches, after more heartache than any teenager should bear, Anjeli succeeds at returning the Maiden to her rightful place, but finds that truth and time have conspired against her. Despite the odds, Anjeli makes a choice.

Will she be able to fulfill the prophecy and close the portals forever? Or is choice a mere trick of the mind?

SENA Publications presents A Maiden’s Legacy,.


About the author:

Cinthia Koeksal was born and raised in Malaysia. With majors in Marketing and Management and a degree in Business Commerce from Monash University, Cinthia spends her days writing fiction, training in the Business English sector, and being a mum. She now lives in Germany with her husband, son, and Maltese, Sparky. This is her third novel.

Praise for The Scarlet Omen:

“This book has every element of fantasy and surprise you could ever ask for or want. Each character just comes to life while reading this book.”—Tammy Hall, Book Blogger

"The Scarlet Omen transports readers on a fantastic journey to Malaysia and beyond. Cinthia Koeksal cleverly weaves ancient myth into a thoroughly modern teen's life to create an engrossing supernatural saga.”—Peggy Tibbets, Author

Praise for A Maiden’s Legacy

“Even the ‘bad guy’ had me feeling sorry for him and thinking maybe he wasn’t as bad as I thought. There are a lot of adventures and surprises and worth reading. The ending will surprise you and leave you waiting for the next book.”—Heather Gabriel, Paranormal Romance Guild